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Abundant Creativity


Maja Willow Linden is a first generation Polish-German American. A tree hugger and communicator, which she inherited from her babcia, Maja loves running, dancing, and singing through the woods barefoot in long flowy skirts and dresses. 


Having uprooted from Lexington, Kentucky, she resided in Frankfort for a year, nestled in the embracing curves of Kentucky woods and water. The Red River Gorge is her second home, where she hikes, camps, and rock climbs.

Maja currently lives in Rzeszów, Poland in the land of her ancestors and travels around the world as much as possible, eager to explore cultures, languages, people... stories.

Maja studied art studio at the University of Kentucky before pursuing a career in nature, adventure, and creative portrait photography. She is frequently found with at least one camera hanging off her neck, seeking and ready to preserve the essence of a moment’s emotional integrity.

Photography credit: Racha Haffar

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